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A burst of cooking!

I'm going to a conference for a few days next week (Tuesday - Friday), and the hubby both hates to cook and has enough going on that he won't bother doing much... which would mean a lot of eggs and cold cereal (breakfast is something he does reasonably well).

So I take advantage of the air conditioning (needed on muggy 80+ degree days) and make both a large pot of chili and a cabbage roll casserole. That gives me dinners for tonight and tomorrow and leaves the hubby with food he will eat and are easy to re-heat.

Cabbage roll casserole is essentially a lazy man's version of cabbage rolls... leaves of cabbage wrapped around hamburger and rice, if you're not familiar... it's not hard but fussy. Getting the cabbage partially cooked so that the leaves are pliable but not so well done that the leaves are mush is a trick.

Searching through for some gluten free recipes at one point, I tripped across the cabbage roll casserole recipe (here: and have never looked back.

The recipe as is makes like a huge amount of food... it says "12 servings" and it really does do that... but it's one of those things that's better the next day... although it doesn't freeze (because of the cabbage) and you need to think about how many times you re-heat the entire dish... since the cabbage will essentially disintegrate after too much re-heating. As long as you only re-heat what you're going to eat, it'll make meals for several days!

Happy eating!

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