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The Night Manager

I have something of a love/hate relationship with John LeCarre... he writes some amazing stories but, well -- especially for some of his later stories -- he forgot how to write an ending.

I had the audio book for "The Delicate Truth" and I could have screamed when it didn't have anything resembling an ending. Sigh... I understand about leaving things open ended, but that took the cake.

So the hubby and I have been watching the mini series for "The Night Manager" -- I have got to say that the photography is glorious... beautiful scenery and exquisite close-ups. And Tom Hiddleston playing Jonathan Pine is more than pretty to look at... and Hugh Laurie makes a wonderfully understatedly evil Richard Roper.

I did cheat and read the Wikipedia entry on the book, and the book ends very differently from the mini series. I think I like the mini series ending because it, well, has a satisfying ending. From what I read in Wikipedia, LeCarre did another not-quite-an-ending thing for this story also.

I'm strongly recommending the mini-series... I have to give warnings for some gory violence, infidelity, blackmail, murders, and what could be dubious-consent sex (these are not nice people in this story!). But it's well done and interesting.

Okay, Tom Hiddleston in a bespoke suit is a yummy part of the scenery!

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My mom is a huge LeCarre fan--which is probably why I haven't read any of his stories. :-)

But I've heard great things about Night Manager! These days, though, I find I'm distancing myself from violence and gore. Most of my favorite shows seem too intense for me right now too. But I'm going to add this to the list for the future!
While there's violence and gore, it's not a huge part of the series... but there is enough to warn for it...

I'll be interested in what you think if you do get to watch it!

I appreciate the warnings--these days I seem to need to protect myself a bit. But when I get around to watching it, I'll let you know!