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The Night Manager

I have something of a love/hate relationship with John LeCarre... he writes some amazing stories but, well -- especially for some of his later stories -- he forgot how to write an ending.

I had the audio book for "The Delicate Truth" and I could have screamed when it didn't have anything resembling an ending. Sigh... I understand about leaving things open ended, but that took the cake.

So the hubby and I have been watching the mini series for "The Night Manager" -- I have got to say that the photography is glorious... beautiful scenery and exquisite close-ups. And Tom Hiddleston playing Jonathan Pine is more than pretty to look at... and Hugh Laurie makes a wonderfully understatedly evil Richard Roper.

I did cheat and read the Wikipedia entry on the book, and the book ends very differently from the mini series. I think I like the mini series ending because it, well, has a satisfying ending. From what I read in Wikipedia, LeCarre did another not-quite-an-ending thing for this story also.

I'm strongly recommending the mini-series... I have to give warnings for some gory violence, infidelity, blackmail, murders, and what could be dubious-consent sex (these are not nice people in this story!). But it's well done and interesting.

Okay, Tom Hiddleston in a bespoke suit is a yummy part of the scenery!

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