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Okay, so I'm started to poke at the Shadowhunter's fandom... I don't know anything about canon at all, so I'm trying to puzzle out what I'm reading...

What happened is that a couple of the authors I've subscribed to on AO3 have started to write Shadowhunter fic... okay, it's the same author with two fic.

KouriArashi -- who I follow for her Teen Wolf fic -- started this with "Live and Learn" which was going to be some short Shadowhunters ficlets but grew legs... http://archiveofourown.org/works/6558262/chapters/15003808

KouriArashi and KarasuYurei are writing "Cathedrals" (http://archiveofourown.org/works/6863743/chapters/15665350) which is a Teen Wolf and Shadowhunters crossover...

Okay, now that I've looked at the web site (https://www.shadowhunterstv.com/) it's a Teen Wolf clone... cute, young people and enough supernatural things to let lots of improbably things happen... at least it's not 20-something's playing teenagers! But there's a honest-to-god canon slash relationship between Shadowhunter Alec Lightwood and High Wizard Magnus Bane set up evidently at the end of season 1... now I have to track this down and watch the episodes!

And, bonus, it's based on a book! "The Shadowhunter Chronicles" by Cassandra Clare... an excellent reason to buy a book!!! (Not that I need much of a reason!)

Book and show review when I have read/watched any of it!

ETA: Meep! *6* books! Way cool!

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The Backlot used to do a good rundown of shows (before they stopped. BOO!) so this is how I heard of it. And there's an actual kiss between the guys. One of them played the Asian dancer guy on Glee, and I don't know about the other one.

I have the season - I should watch it!
I just got the books (Amazon and I are on a first name basis!) so I'm going to start there and see where that takes me!

We can compare notes!
Enjoy both the show and the books :)
I watched the series!

Much like teen wolf, I didn't always love the show, but the characters drew me in! I ship several things and I'll be checking out the next season for sure!
They also a movie "Mortal Instruments" from the first book. I have most of the books, and they are easy to read....and beats the hell out of the Twilight ones.........

There's a (more than faintly) negative review on Amazon about the books... it goes into great detail how the author was in HP fandom and turned one of her more popular stories into the "Moral Instruments" series, at least for the first book.

And the series is addressed at the "YA" audience... so I'm not expecting high-brow literature, just hoping for a good story... easy read is what I need!

Thanks and good to see you!

Yep, the bad press came out about the time of the movie, but I had already read the books long before that....

We need to meet up one weekend!