goddess47 (goddess47) wrote,

Meme for the Chronically Repressed

John Sheppard: That Thing We Don't talk or Hug About Meme from Melagan (ok, sorry, I suck at those real LJ links that look so pretty.....)

This is how it works

1) Comment with your username to this post.

2) Go back to your own LJ and post the link your comment because otherwise, no one will know if you don't tell them about it!

3) Your friends will leave comments to your comment about why you are sorta okay, and then they will comment with their usernames and go post the link to their comments and it will be a giant big snowball of Things We Don't talk or Hug About.

4) No need to be anonymous unless you want to. After all, we're Not Talking About it.

5) There are to be no obvious displays of affection. There will be no hugging. NO ZOMG you are teh awesome. No : you are my brain twin and life is just the bestest with you in it or your fic changed my miserable life. No you light up my life and are the wind beneath my wings. No offering to bear people's offspring. No smiley faces.

6) We want affirmations John Sheppard style. A punch on the arm is acceptable. As are terms of affection such as "Cool". Offers of sexual favors are ok as long as no-one gets called baby. Buck up! If you must get gushy, offer to clean my weapons.


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