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My $.02 worth on Tony's exit from NCIS

Major spoiler alert, if you haven't see the episode... putting it behind a cut...

Thank goodness they didn't kill Tony off... that would have been criminal.

The writers did a decent job of giving both the Tony/Ziva shippers and the Tony/Gibbs slashers something to hang onto.

Is it bad of me to be glad they killed Ziva off? (sorry, not sorry!) Leaving Tony with a love child gives Tony a reason to leave NCIS and go off on his own. Even with Senior, managing a child and a dangerous job isn't for the faint hearted. Picking the child over the dangerous job is Tony finally getting a chance to be a grown up. I'm not sold on the travel to Israel then Paris, but it's a way to get Tony away from everything and be very clear that he's gone and there won't be any 'guest' appearances.

But the scene in the basement between Tony and Gibbs was perfect. When Gibbs reels Tony in for a long, personal hug, it confirms that there's more than just friendship there. There was some major emotional attachment that both men finally admitted to... there's lots of fic going to be written based on that hug.

They also gave Tony some time with Abby, Ducky and Palmer... I loved Palmer helping Tony feed Tali... Jimmy looked like such a dad at that moment.

Killing off Kort, the assassin behind a lot of whatever, put a pretty bow on Tony's story. The fact that Kort chose 'suicide by cop' and that there were reps from several agencies there was a bit much, but, again, a nice end note.

In the end, it worked well enough for me. It wasn't maudlin, it tied up a lot of loose ends. If I didn't already know that NCIS had already been renewed for 2 more years, I would think it would have made a decent series finale. But it set up opportunity for some new stories starting in the Fall.

It'll be interesting to see where it goes!

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