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My $.02 worth on Tony's exit from NCIS

Major spoiler alert, if you haven't see the episode... putting it behind a cut...

Thank goodness they didn't kill Tony off... that would have been criminal.

The writers did a decent job of giving both the Tony/Ziva shippers and the Tony/Gibbs slashers something to hang onto.

Is it bad of me to be glad they killed Ziva off? (sorry, not sorry!) Leaving Tony with a love child gives Tony a reason to leave NCIS and go off on his own. Even with Senior, managing a child and a dangerous job isn't for the faint hearted. Picking the child over the dangerous job is Tony finally getting a chance to be a grown up. I'm not sold on the travel to Israel then Paris, but it's a way to get Tony away from everything and be very clear that he's gone and there won't be any 'guest' appearances.

But the scene in the basement between Tony and Gibbs was perfect. When Gibbs reels Tony in for a long, personal hug, it confirms that there's more than just friendship there. There was some major emotional attachment that both men finally admitted to... there's lots of fic going to be written based on that hug.

They also gave Tony some time with Abby, Ducky and Palmer... I loved Palmer helping Tony feed Tali... Jimmy looked like such a dad at that moment.

Killing off Kort, the assassin behind a lot of whatever, put a pretty bow on Tony's story. The fact that Kort chose 'suicide by cop' and that there were reps from several agencies there was a bit much, but, again, a nice end note.

In the end, it worked well enough for me. It wasn't maudlin, it tied up a lot of loose ends. If I didn't already know that NCIS had already been renewed for 2 more years, I would think it would have made a decent series finale. But it set up opportunity for some new stories starting in the Fall.

It'll be interesting to see where it goes!

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I haven't been watching the season since the first few episodes, and after hearing about Tony leaving, didn't really want to. I think I'll watch the last ep just for the hug :)

Thanks for your two cents, I was worried about how things would go, and in this case I don't mind being spoiled.
The hug is worth it... esp if you're a Tony/Jethro person...


NCIS finale

Here's my FB post from very early Wednesday morning:

It's 3:58am, so why am I awake? Because I'm so gorram pissed off about the NCIS season finale, that's why.

They had a year - A YEAR - to write a fitting departure for Tony DiNozzo/Michael Weatherly, and that drivel was the best they could do?!

Third-rate, moronic, Hallmark Channel dreck, with a steaming heap of retcon Tiva bullshit and a baby on top. Until a couple of weeks ago, Michael steadfastly maintained that there was NO romance between Tony and Ziva. None. And why would there be, when she regularly denigrated and belittled him and his contributions to the team? When she lied to them all and helped Rivkin in his spying and murders? When she physically assaulted him when he was injured?

Why would he ever fall for the person who compiled the dossiers that told Ari how best to hurt Gibbs (by killing Kate). And consider this - if she had come clean sooner about her dad being the killer in 'Shabbat Shalom', Jackie Vance would still be alive.

Also, it wasn't that long ago that Tony told Tim that he truly loved Jeanne Benoit.

As if that wasn't bad enough, they never explained why Gibbs was such an unrelenting ASSHOLE to Tony all season.

All in all, though, I'm glad Tony's gone, because now I can be done with the show. The past couple of years I've only been watching for him and Ducky, and there's just not enough of the delightful ME to make me stay. The show and characters I enjoyed are long gone.

Gibbs went from an upstanding defender of the law to a murderer and scofflaw. He's also the worst supervisor any HR department could ever hope for and an absolutely wretched friend and mentor. (They basically turned him into the character McGee wrote about in his novels.) And, my god, the never-ending fucking angst!

Tony devolved from 'the best young agent I ever worked with' to a sometimes cowardly buffoon and Ziva David adjunct.

Abby is more like a tweener twit every episode (though she didn't make me want to hurl this week), and she's matched in her inappropriate stupidity by Palmer (poor Brian Dietzen).

McGee I've never been able to connect with.

Bishop's grown on me, but not enough to stay.

I don't know what Michael Weatherly did to make the writers and the showrunners hate him so much, but thank goodness he managed to escape because now I can, too.

As far as I'm concerned that was the SERIES finale.


So you see, I'm a little bitter. With the degradation of the characters and the repetitive, season-long, Big Bad arcs (often terrorists, frequently related to Eli David :smirk: ), the show has jettisoned the appeal it once held.

My DVR timer has been deleted.

I'm out!

Re: NCIS finale

I don't see Tony/Ziva as a romance as much as 'scratching an itch'... there would be some great hate-sex there, but I do agree that Ziva mostly treated Tony badly... and that is why she wouldn't tell him about the kid -- Tony left Ziva with no expectations of a future together and she would be petty enough to not tell him.

I'm with you on Abby... the Goth thing is way old and needs to go. And she needs to grow up...

I think Palmer has come a long way (and honestly, he's hot!)... having a kid has settled him down... but I do love him in fan fiction more than on the show.

I'll probably hang in when it starts back up in the Fall, just to see how they manage everything...

But you have a lot of good points!!!
I've mostly heard mixed reactions to the finale. Tiva shippers are angry "their ship is ruined" because Ziva was killed off, Tibbs/other shippers are angry that Ziva was brought back (and angry that she kept Tony's child from him). A lot of people feel they didn't focus on Tony enough for his last episode(s), etc. But some really loved it, too - there was actually a discussion going on about fandomsecrets about the ep. A pretty divisive episode, it seems! I'm glad you were pleased with it :)

I don't watch NCIS (though I do read Xanthe's fic) and even I'm sad Tony is gone.
In trying to please everyone, TPTB have pleased no one... that's pretty much for sure...

I would have preferred Tony to go off and have his own team, maybe that team in Rota, Spain... or have the FBI scoop him up and put him in charge of an office on the West coast...

I'd like to have seen some more Tony/Jethro, but since they left all of the good-byes to the last one hour episode, everything got done, which means nothing got done.

Sad to see Tony go... but it will be interesting to see what they do in the Fall... keep tuned in!
Tony deserved his own team!
I've been watching NCIS on Netflix lately, and I find it interesting that all of this makes me less-inclined to keep watching. I haven't really gotten to the pronounced Tony/Ziva eps yet. Knowing where it's going to go has kind of chilled the desire to watch more of the early eps. We'll see.

You know, your summation here reminds me a lot of how they wrote The Shrine in SGA: giving the audience McKay/Keller on the one hand but showing them McKay/Sheppard on the other. :-)
That's very true... in keeping all the shippers happy, they've made no one happy... TPTB wouldn't possibly make the Tony/Jethro folk really happy, that just isn't going to happen on network TV... the hug -- with some manly admitting of emotional attachment -- is as close as it's going to get.

You can watch for the pretty, if nothing else... even some of the villains were nice to look at...

That's very true... in keeping all the shippers happy, they've made no one happy..

So true. I imagine some people are howling about Ziva getting killed off while others are gnashing teeth over a love child...

It's funny, though, how we can always find evidence to support our ships!
I'm not sad! It could have been worse. I really like the trailer for MW's new show Bull. I did like the salute to Kate as well with the picture of her and Tony in his box from his desk.

I think this story line was to let fans know that Ziva was never coming back, and neither would Tony. I will be honest and say I haven't been watching the last couple of seasons, because I've not enjoyed the writing. I can't stand Bishop, and the change in Gibbs was hard to warm up too! I'm sure I would not have been happy with the direction this season was going between Tony and Gibbs.