goddess47 (goddess47) wrote,

Another One Bites the Dust

Sigh... yet another notice from a writer that she's pulling her stories from the internet...

[profile] ckingsbridge -- which is not her original name -- has given notice that she's pulling her stories from AO3 and Fiction Press... she's leaving one extended story on AO3 but removing others.

She's also leaving the stories that are on her LJ but will be locking the LJ by June 13. If you aren't mutual friends by then, she's essentially abandoning her LJ account.

I learned about Cordelia Kingsbridge from [profile] mezzo_camin -- Cordelia writes original fiction that's, to be honest, largely M/M smut. Really hot and well written smut, but sex seems to be the focus of all of her stories...

She's looking to turn some her work into publishable form, so taking it down is part of the deal... I do understand that...

Since this is original fic, and I don't travel in those circles as much, I still hope she leaves a clear set of breadcrumbs about what she's done. It's frustrating when a writer pulls all of her works, deletes the account, and then leaves a void... there's always someone who's heard about a story, or read it when it was available, and then goes looking for it when it's not there anymore. And there's nothing to point to that indicates what happens.

Just a pet peeve of mine!

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