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Another One Bites the Dust

Sigh... yet another notice from a writer that she's pulling her stories from the internet...

[profile] ckingsbridge -- which is not her original name -- has given notice that she's pulling her stories from AO3 and Fiction Press... she's leaving one extended story on AO3 but removing others.

She's also leaving the stories that are on her LJ but will be locking the LJ by June 13. If you aren't mutual friends by then, she's essentially abandoning her LJ account.

I learned about Cordelia Kingsbridge from [profile] mezzo_camin -- Cordelia writes original fiction that's, to be honest, largely M/M smut. Really hot and well written smut, but sex seems to be the focus of all of her stories...

She's looking to turn some her work into publishable form, so taking it down is part of the deal... I do understand that...

Since this is original fic, and I don't travel in those circles as much, I still hope she leaves a clear set of breadcrumbs about what she's done. It's frustrating when a writer pulls all of her works, deletes the account, and then leaves a void... there's always someone who's heard about a story, or read it when it was available, and then goes looking for it when it's not there anymore. And there's nothing to point to that indicates what happens.

Just a pet peeve of mine!

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I've saved a copy of Kingsbridge's work and friended her on LJ. I've never heard of her before, but I hate to think I'm missing out on something great. I only read original fiction when it's recommended to me by someone, since there's so much out there. Thank you for bringing her to my attention :)
Glad to share... she's a good writer and tries to put a plot around the sex...

If you're interested, go back through her LJ for her "Close Protection" stories (she's good at tagging)... that was the first one I read of hers -- it's long but it's hot...

She does look interesting. I'm a little concerned about some of the content of her work, but I trust you XD
Some of her topics do border on skeevy but she gives good warnings... "Close Protection" as an example is pretty much smut; hot personal bodyguard and hot spoiled-brat protectee both learning lessons in growing up...

"Control" has major issues with consent but, esp in the beginning, a lot of that is due to conditioning and drugs, and the primary character internalizes some of that struggle. So the issue is addressed to some extent within the story.

I haven't read "Hearthkeeper" but up front it has A/B/O issues... A/B/O is squishy by default...

I haven't read the "Boston" stories either, so I can't give you any guidance there.

But do parse through the warnings and the story summaries... those are a good help.

And she has a Tumblr; I don't know if she's abandoning that, but you may be able to ask questions there...
Hmmm. I'll definitely have to read the warnings and such to at least prepare myself for what's to come. Though your descriptions don't sound too bad - at least the author addresses some of the issues within the story!

Help pls

Hello, ive been trying to find some of cordelias works for a while now since she deleted them, but ive been having no such luck! Would you still happen to have your copies, and would you be willing to share them, please? :D

Re: Help pls

Sure! You can private message me your email (or leave it here in a comment, if you're comfortable with that) and I'll pass them along. Her works are in .mobi format, is that ok?

Re: Help pls


I was looking for these Cordelia Kingsbridge stories, particularly Close Protection, and couldn't find any mention of them anywhere but here. If you've still got a copy could you send it to my email too? (

I read them years ago and they are sadly long gone now T-T

Re: Help pls

Sent! I put "Cordelia Kingsbridge" in the title so you know it's from me.

Re: Help pls

You are my hero! Thank you!!!

Re: Help pls

You're welcome :D

RE: Re: Help pls

Hi there! This may be a long shot, but are you also able to send me a copy of her works? My email is thanks!

Re: Re: Help pls

I sent what I have! I put "Cordelia Kingsbridge" in the subject line, so keep an eye out for an email~
I've been looking for Close Protection and some of Cordelia's older works forever and stumbled across this post during an internet search. Would you still have this available, and be willing to share?

If so, I appreciate it very much! You can email me at