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Fic Rec black hole

There was a request earlier for any fic where Stiles is the Alpha (human or supernatural), so, helpful soul that I am, I troll through my bookmarks to find a couple of fics... when then reminds me of another fic that might fit the description...

In trolling through over 1000 bookmarks on AO3 (!), I finally had to do multiple searches on AO3 to find the fic I was looking for.

And, then, of course, I have to re-read a fic that I haven't read in a while. 2014, to be exact. Sigh... damned if I can't remember whether I've bought milk lately, but I can remember the basics of a fic I read like 18 months ago.

Additionally, the fic is 100K words.

Le sigh.

Although it's been good way to not exert myself today... the cold is better and I need to go to work tomorrow... an additional day of rest has been good.

Oh. The fic? If you're a Teen Wolf fan, it's here: Payment of the Hale's Debt by Anchanee, here: http://archiveofourown.org/series/164918 -- Stiles is the local mafia type and Derek's been handed over by the Hales as payment on a debt. And it's part 1 of 2... it's a great comfort fic...

Here's to a hopefully good week!

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