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Lost Friday

So the cold thing that's been dragging me down is getting not-worse... after 4 days of pretending to work most of the day, I stayed home today so I'd hopefully have the entire weekend to recuperate.

After sleeping in and a nice breakfast, I settled into my comfy chair in the living room with my computer, hoping to get a tad of writing done.

Well, sleep called and "just a snooze" turned into a 4 hour hard sleep... huh... I knew I was running fumes but that settled it...

So we're spending another Friday night in front of the idiot box, now watching Bones re-runs. The writing didn't get done, but I think I've finally corralled the basic premise of the Sterek Big Bang plot. It's still a huge story and lots of holes to fill, but it should be do-able.

I did get to grade some of the final exams from a class I teach online. The final was technically due yesterday (Thursday) but I think I gave out as many extensions as students who completed it... I'm a great believer in letting students hang themselves, and if they think an extra couple of days (when some haven't done the work all session) will help, then, well, good luck to them. But I need to get most of those done this weekend since grades are due by Friday.

We also had to pass on going to a family christening. My (deceased) sister's oldest son is having his 2nd son christened tomorrow... We hate to miss it, but it's a 3 hour drive down and back, and that's more than I would be up to... we were going to travel down tonight, stay for the festivities and then come back tomorrow night, but I was exhausted just thinking about it... and while I'll miss seeing the family, I need to be reasonable about what I can do.

Hopefully, I'll get some writing done this weekend, now that I have some outlines to work with!

Everyone have a great weekend!

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