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Fic Rec: Empirical Evidence Of Fate

I initially wrote this intending to post it on Slashworld... but then I had the "gee, what else has she written?" thought... there's only a few fic on AO3 but the name seemed familiar.

So, google-fu to the rescue. What I can figure out is that it looks like she was pretty prolific in Buffy and other fandoms, but has been bitten by trolls *and* her work was re-posted, without her permission, on various "buy this story" sites. Rather than give her some deserved but maybe unwanted publicity, I'm sharing with just you-all.

This fic has been on AO3 for a while, so it should be there for a bit, but I'm only posting the review here on my journal... I have a copy if you find this post and it's gone off of AO3... PM me through LJ and I'll share that.

As the rec says, Charlie Epps and Ian Edgerton (Numb3rs) is not a pairing I would have seen without fic like this... this story makes the relationship seem natural and organic (and hot, to boot!)


Title: Empirical Evidence of Fate http://archiveofourown.org/works/4026667/chapters/9052468
Author: Lisaroquin
Fandom: Numb3rs
Pairing: Charlie Epps/Ian Edgerton
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Canon level violence; discussion of homophobia; angst
Genre: Romance, mystery
Word Count: 69,350

Summary: Getting married on a drunken dare made perfect sense when they'd gotten together over an equally drunken bet, especially when almost everyone that mattered, who knew about them, was there when Ian's brother issued the dare. They'd been to hell and back a few times, separately and together, they still had one more issue looming. Don and Alan have absolutely no clue they've even met let alone have been together for sixteen years. Oh and a serial sniper with a boatload of copycats to get out of the way first.

Why You Should Read This:

This is the fic that made me ‘see’ Ian/Charlie as a pairing. It starts on Spring Break where Charlie (underage, but Ian does not know!) propositions Ian in a bar. They make a connection but when Ian finds out how young Charlie is (he’s 17), he’s pissed at Charlie for lying. But at that moment, he also meets Margaret Epps, a friend he didn’t know he needed.

But once made, the connection can’t be broken. Margaret Epps keeps their secret (all are worried how Don and Alan would ‘take the news’).

The story is much more cheerful than that implies. Ian has a huge family that welcomes Charlie with open arms. The OCs are well drawn individuals and go to explaining who Ian is.

Charlie and Ian do get married but keep it a secret from Don and Alan, but everyone else seems to know. Charlie and Ian finally officially ‘meet’ in Sniper Zero where their official lives finally intersect.

Don does not take the (eventual) news about their wedding well. There’s a lot of angst and brotherly arguing. Alan, after some serious soul searching, decides that “if it makes Charlie happy, then I’m happy” and goes with it, embracing Ian as a son-in-law. (This involves the world’s best road trip… read the story for that alone!)

The ending is a teeny bit rushed, as if the author got to a point of “damn it, I’m going to finish this if it kills me” but it ties up the major story lines and leaves you wanting more (as all the best stories do!).

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