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Okay, I'm already signed up for [community profile] hp_timetravel and [personal profile] hp_drizzle and [profile] sterek_big_bang... meep! And all three are due in August, which is the busiest month at work all year... although I'm trying to save space for an SGA fest that might come along... if nothing else, I'll keep an eye on [community profile] mcsheplets and write what I can...

The HP stories only (!) look for 1,000 words and I signed up for the 'mini' side of the Sterek big bang, so that's 10,000 words...

August *seems* forever away, being only May, but, well, I know me... so I thought maybe, just to see how it goes, to actually (gasp!) plot out the stories first... I'm kind of a 'pantser' but I usually have a high level outline in my head... so I mostly know where I'm going but not always sure how I'm going to get there.

Somehow, the two HP stories seems to have fallen together (there were prompts involved, so I wasn't working from scratch)... the time travel fic threatens to be be 10K by the time I'm done, but I've cranked that out when I knew where I was going. The drizzle fic is shorter, and sweeter, but, again, under some control.

The Sterek is the problem. I have some ideas I'd like to try (I want to see what might have happened if Laura never left BH, but that threatens to be epic and it needs to be Sterek in the end!), but I really don't know if I want to do the 20k fic that some of those ideas might need... I think I need to keep working on that outline, since it's not coming together at this point...

Okay... off to some more poking at plot and maybe at this week's [community profile] mcsheplets... 'hands'...

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