goddess47 (goddess47) wrote,

Satuday Night...

This posting every day is hard work! It's easy to write every day... but I don't always have something that I think is worth saying to everyone. But I'll see what I can do for at least a few more days!

So it's Saturday night and it's another night watching TV and on the computer...

Oh, and occasionally still coughing my brains out... the cold thing I started on Monday is still hanging around. I've been home from work all week with this... I've not been anywhere near this sick in years and it's frankly depressing. Of course there are the "something is going around" thing, they did close a local middle school one day last week due to illness, and the usual stories of friend-of-friends who are also sick have been told in my direction.

Hopefully, I'll be well enough to go to work on Monday, for at least most of the day. I need some fresh air and adult conversation... the hubby's the one who gave me this cold, but he's better (but still struggling) and has been doing some work around the house... but there's some work around the house I've been avoiding -- ironically I planned on working on it on Monday before I got felled by this cold... but now that I'm 'better' there will be expectations to start working on it again... long story that I won't bore you with any more of that.

The good news is that I've been doing some writing, lots of reading and commenting on fic. I got my [community profile] sgareversebang done at the last minute and my Snarry fic is in the queue for being posted soon... so I got 2 huge fic done and a couple of ficlets done this week.

OTOH, I've already signed up for 2 Harry Potter fests (they only need 1000 words each, that's kinda easy... (no, it never ends up being 'only' 1000 words) and, omg, what was I thinking, the Sterek (Teen Wolf) big bang... I've only written ficlets in TW but, heck, go big or go home. Now I only need a plot...

I guess I should start on all of those fest fics now... they aren't due until August and if by miracle I get at least 2 done sooner than later, I'll stress myself out less.

But if you have a Teen Wolf bunny you're willing to give away, I'll take that under consideration!

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