goddess47 (goddess47) wrote,

It's May, It's May, the Lovely Month of May...

Now that my [community profile] sgareversebang is finally done, and my Snarry fic is submitted and in the queue for the fest, I'm finally out from under immediate fic-writing obligations. (Okay, there's a ton or RL things that need to be done, but that's not important here!)

There's a couple of tropes going around... one from [personal profile] kitty_fic to post something every day in May. And [profile] story_works has an ongoing challenge for "Love in Full Bloom"...

And there's always the ongoing [community profile] mcsheplets and [community profile] snarry100 that I haven't written for in ages.

As a head's up, you may want to read this fic, if you have not... I have some pre/post story bunnies in my head that would be spoilers if you haven't read the story: The Internship. It's a Teen Wolf/Blue Bloods crossover... if you can imagine. ::grin::

I know RL stuff is going to happen, but let's see what I can do.

See you tomorrow!

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Tags: 2016, may, meta

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