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Fandom Friends!

I had the opportunity to meet the lovely [personal profile] sunspeared for 'coffee' this morning! (The coffee is air-quoted since we both ended up with iced tea!) The pastries were to die for and it's a good thing that coffee shop isn't that near my home since the salted caramel brownie was sooooo delicious!

We both laughed when we were both running late getting to the coffee shop where we met up... I locked myself out of the house when I grabbed a different hoodie than usual and the keys weren't in that hoodie... so I had to find the spare keys the hubby keeps in the garage to go back and get the proper keys.

[personal profile] sunspeared rode her bike (across town!) and got flummoxed by unexpected road construction along the way... it took some careful riding to get through since there wasn't a good way to get around.

While we're in different fandoms, we do have [community profile] inkingitout in common and it's fun to share stories with someone who writes fan fiction... fests and exchanges we've participated in and stories we've written.

Next time -- and there will be one -- we'll meet closer to her end of town... anyone in the Buffalo, NY area should speak up! You'll be more than welcome to join us!

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Very cool.
So awesome! This is what I've been doing with syble4 on occasion since we're both in SoCal, and it's been a hoot!!
I would love to come in one weekend and meet up. or we could meet up in Erie! The weather is safe for driving!