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Second Message to Rodney

Title: Second Message to Rodney

Author: goddess47

Rating: PG for the overall series

Warnings/Spoilers: Spoiler for beginning of season 4

Pairing: McKay/Sheppard

Summary: Elizabeth left letters behind for her friends

Note: Thanks to Fenchurch1 for the beta and encouragement and for the nickname variation!

Others in the series:
umm... read these first if you haven't...this kinda stands alone but it's better as part of the series

Rodney absently brushed a hand across his lips. John had given him a kiss before he left that he still could taste, days later. It had been slow, deliberate and provocative, with just a hint of sweetness. But just one. Then John murmured, "Now I can wait. Come back when you're ready." Rodney found himself back in the hall outside John's room in a daze.

Then John didn't say or do anything different than he had before.... before that kiss. It drove Rodney mad. He had repressed his obsession with John for so long that it was hard.... hard to make himself really think what he really wanted was obtainable. John teased, hung out with the team, drove him out of the lab for meals, met with Carter or Lorne and did... nothing different.

He was still unsure what to do -- the uncertainty was the worst. Rodney had been terrified that he would inadvertently reveal their relationship to someone and John would be sent back to Earth as a result. Or that the Marines would take offense and deal with it themselves. Losing John, hurting John, would be worse than never having him.

Then two things happened.

As Rodney made the same mistake in the lab three times in the same day, it was a very embarrassing, "Rodney, you are idiot. Didn't Elizabeth tell you to go to your Colonel?" from Radek -- Radek who looked at Rodney with pain in his eyes. "It's worth it."

That night, the message came....


You know, for a genius you're sometimes pretty stupid.

I trust you. With my life. Always.

Trust me?


Rodney found himself outside John's door. When it opened, Rodney took a deep breath, looked down at his feet and said, "When the two smartest people, well, smartest besides me....," he took another breath, "sorry, umm, when the two smartest people I know both tell me I'm not doing something right, well, I'd like to think that, maybe, I've learned to listen and...." Rodney stopped himself, he knew he was babbling. One more deep breath. Softly, "I do trust you."

Looking up, the light in John's eyes and the smile banished every worry Rodney had ever had. John drew him into the room, into his arms, into his heart.

Rodney looked down at the sleeping soldier who was wrapped firmly around him -- John's arm snugged across his waist and a leg wedged firmly between his. Rodney kissed the top of his head and whispered, "It is worth it." As he drifted off to sleep he thought, Thank you, Elizabeth.....


awwwwwwwwwwwwww! finally!
Geeeee..... thanks! I know... phew...
Yay!! cep xxx
Awww! I've been waiting for this series to continue. Glad Rodney finally came to his senses :)
Sometimes even smart people act stupid..... but they're usually cute doing it! Thanks!!!
AWWWWW this was so sweet!!!! What a nice ending...or will there be more??? :) HINT!
Well, there wasn't going to be more.... but.... I'll have to think about an epilogue..... Thanks!!!
Aww, yay! Rodney's so adorably stupid sometimes. ♥ But the boys tangled up together at the end is very yay! :)
Very yay and very yum! Thanks!
Ooooh, thanks for this, it made my morning here at the office just so much better. I can now function, sort of, although my brain is shorting out on the visuals.
The visuals *are* half the fun, aren't they? Glad to make the morning better...
This series is so incredibly fabulous <3 And John's message made me melt a little. You've done an absolutely amazing job!
Aw, shucks... ;-) So glad you enjoyed it... Thanks!
Oh, awwww! ♥
They are cute, aren't they?
Ah! Rodney finally gets it! Lovely! 'It's worth it!'

Thank you!
That's why Rodney is a genius.... ;-)
Leaves me all misty eyed - in a good, happy way.