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It's Saturday! Best laid plans and all that rot...

The good news is that I have time to write this weekend... the house is quiet, I can work on things as I want and, believe me, there are things to do.

Somehow, this weekend is both fic_rush_48 and my turn to mod the post for inkingitout...

Fic_rush_48 is more silly than not but it's a monthly writing cheering-fest and the folk there are welcoming whether you only lurk, post once or post every one of the 48 hours... no sign ups and drive-bys more than welcome.

InkingItOut is weekly checking for writing and it's the same writing cheering-fest... just my turn to mod and cheer folk on!

My hp_goldenage fic is being declared a snippet from a larger fic that may or may not be written... but what's there is cohesive enough to be considered done. If I poke at it any more, then it won't be done and it's already late... so I'll be taking one more peek at it today and turning it in.

I have a plot for my sgareversebang but it's only at 2500 words and I need another 7500 words by the end of the month. Unexpected writing time this weekend is now precious... I know where I want this story to go, just need to put the time into it.

And I have a picfor1000 that I'm pretty sure won't get done... it's due the same times as the ReverseBang, and I'm out of time on both of them... Since the Reverse Bang is part of a fest thing, that gets priority.

The quiet time is because the MIL fell, again -- the 3rd time in 3 days -- and because she's in assisted living, they have to send her to a doctor (hospital) to be checked over. Yesterday they decided she had a broken tail bone (ouch!) which she had done to herself the day before (Friday), when she stood on a chair (this is a woman who needs a walker to get around) to clean things on the upper shelf in her closet. Sigh.

The hubby is frustrated because she won't stop doing things she should not, but I've already been through that with my folk... I was fortunate enough to do that 4+ years ago when my own health and physical condition was better... so the hubby is fighting his own problems and now has to deal with his mom doing things she thinks she can do... she has dementia/alzheimers and her short term memory is pretty weak at this point. So this morning, she didn't remember she was supposed to let the nurses help her get up and she got up, dressed and started to wander out of her room when she fell.

So my quiet time has ended, since the hubby has just come back with my car -- he drives a full sized pickup truck and I pointed out that he'd have to take his mom back to assisted living from the hospital and getting her in and out of his truck was not a good idea...

She's (relatively) okay. He's okay and now I have to go off and take care of the laundry!

You-all have a good day!
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*Sends Good Writing vibes*


I'm sorry about your MIL, and hope things get better. I thought I'd have written more since I was home this past week, but no such luck. Didn't even get all the work done that I needed to.

Good luck with your writing!!

Re: Ouch

The hospital sent her back again, with an antibiotic, which should help... we hope.... but it's the sucky part of getting old. But it'll be day to day for a bit until the meds get in her system...

Good luck with your own writing...


Good luck with the writing.
Glad his mom isn't too injured.