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Pretty Pictures...


If you're on Facebook at all, and you're looking for something to pretty up your feed, you may want to consider friending Michael Stokes...

He's the photographer who takes pics of vets with major injuries... others have posted his pics but I thought we could use something pretty to look at on a Friday night.

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I love his work. He takes some of the most gorgeous photographs ever.
He does, doesn't he... and there are daily treats on FB...
I love how he can make any shot sexy and beautiful. His work is amazing. It's a pity FB throws him in jail so often! ;-)
There are exquisite. Thank you so much for bringing them to my attention!
They are exquisite... and there is quite the array of pics on Facebook... I have a separate FB account for my fandom interests...


That is amazing. Thank you for pointing him out.

He has enough yummy models that I want to know why these lovely people are and how do I get them into my life?