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Following [personal profile] melagan's lead, maybe 2016 is the year I post more things on DW and LJ... at least I can make an effort... I won't clutter your feed with this, just occasional what is going on stuff.

While I don't have pretty pictures like she does, this has been a cooking weekend. Spring classes start January 19 (I work in US higher education, for any of my new friends), and since I run part of the IT support department, our job really ramps up this week in preparation for that start of classes.

*And* the hubby is finally getting to the "this kitchen needs a new sink" project. He's at the point where his multiple illnesses have slowed him down that what for 2 healthy guys would be a one day project, it's mostly him (with me as the night laborer) and he's planning on 3 days... so that means being without a kitchen sink for at least 3 days. It'll be worth it, so I've already planned ahead.

There's a pot of chili already made, and the chicken stew/soup is in process... I have a 'cabbage roll casserole' started enough that I may or may not throw that together... (I'll take "things you can heat in the microwave and eat in throw-away bowls for $500, Alex") This makes the night time meals easier and the clean-up a no brainer... and I can take the chicken thing for lunch if I put the casserole together. Hmm... I guess I've talked myself into it.

In writing news, I finished my Snape Fest story (only a week late) and sent that off to the mods. I haven't fully decided if I want to work on my [profile] apocalypse_kree story -- mostly because while I have a bunny, I have yet to really start on my Reverse Bang story *and* I have a [profile] picfor1000 story due the end of the month also... but since I have a small bunny for the Apocalypse Kree, I'm going to see if it comes together fast enough to keep moving on the other stories. *And* I have a kinda-huge [profile] romancingmcshep story that needs major work...

Oh. And I was teaching a winter online course and need to grade another dozen final exams and turn in grades tomorrow... Meep!

Phew. Okay, food first and then writing grading and then whatever fits into the rest of the day!

::hugs to everyone on my flist::

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