goddess47 (goddess47) wrote,

Inking It Out 2016 -- Sign Up Now!

Just a reminder that time is running out to join [community profile] inkingitout for 2016.

Go to the comm -- only on Dreamwidth -- and the sticky post at the top is the sign up post: http://inkingitout.dreamwidth.org/

The goal is to write at least 75,000 words in 2016 -- what you count as 'words' is up to you. It can be real life things, dissertations, meta, fic, fan fic, comments, recipes, musings... no one checks and you're on your honor...

Checking in is offered weekly but required only quarterly... tell us how you're doing, look for cheerleading, ask for assistance... we're open to anything!

You must sign up by January 1 -- membership applications not taken after January 1!

Come and play! We'd love to have you!

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Tags: 2015, pimping

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