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Inking It Out 2016 -- Sign Up Now!

[community profile] inkingitout is looking for participants for 2016!

The comm is for folk looking to write at least 75,000 words in 2016. Words of any type -- fanfic, original fic, documentary, a doctoral thesis... whatever you write can be included in your count.

What the comm does is provide a place for check in and cheerleading... weekly check ins ask what you've done this week; quarterly check ins are mandatory (more to see that you're still around than anything!).

It's a low stress comm... if you're making your goals, good for you. If real life or shiny things have prevented you from writing, no big deal. We're still there to cheer you on or listen with a friendly ear. There's no showing your work, no checking up -- we take your word for what you've done!

I've been on this comm for, hmmm... three years and a mod for the current year... I'm going to be staying on as a mod and still participating.

Come and join us! You have to sign up by the end of December to participate for next year! Don't wait!

The sign-up post is here: http://inkingitout.dreamwidth.org/80648.html

Questions? Do ask!

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So it's like a writing support group?
That's it... it's really, really low key and heavy on the cheerleading and listening! The only 'reporting' is voluntary...

It's fun to see what folk from other fandoms are doing as well as where there's overlap...

It's been a friendly group!

It is only on Dreamwidth, as a caveat... but it makes me check my DW account more regularly!
Shame there isn't an LJ version, or a way to easily link the two. It's a really cool idea, and I'd totally be down if I weren't already curating online presences in... too many places.
I get that... I have multiple identities on multiple platforms and keeping them straight is a bit of work.

Another consideration is fic_rush which is a monthly 48 hours over a weekend comm... what's nice is that this comm is kind of the 'advertising' version and there's a separate comm for the weekend posting... posting is open every hour for the 48 hours... so having that off your feed is nice... it's sometimes very silly, but again low-key and never a negative word... you can post once in the 48 hours moaning about having to house clean instead of writing and the mods will be cheerful about that.

One more is ushobwrit -- as in "you should be writing"... I only lurk there, but know some of the mods and again, it's mostly cheerleading and makes an effort to feed the muse or offer a writing exercise sort of thing if you need that.... the comm seems to post 3-4 times a week, so it's not daily but it's pretty regular... some of it's silly, but not as silly as the fic_rush folk sometimes get...

Both of those are on LJ and open to membership, even if you just lurk...

I do most of my posting on inkingitout for pretty much the reason you say... I can only do so many things, but sometimes need the silliness to balance everything else that's going on...

Good luck with your list of chores today... hope you get most of them done!

I love ushobwri! It's a great comm. :-) You inspired me to join inkingitout. Thanks for sharing the info. :-)

Edited at 2015-12-07 03:34 am (UTC)
Yay! Glad to have you join us!

And it's a great way to make sure I check my Dreamwidth account!

And melagan has joined, also! More the merrier!
Yes, I haven't been to my DW account in over a year! And yay for melagan joining too. :-)