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Home Alone

The 'other side of the fence' is always an interesting place to be. I'm aware that a serious number of folk on my flist live alone, whether by choice or circumstance... I'm happily married... except that I rarely get to be home alone anymore...

The hubby -- for health reasons -- is retired. He's able to do a certain number of things, but working construction is not one of them. He'll putter around the house and such, but he is always there! And, since I'm still working, he arranges all of his errands, doctors, visits to his mom, during the day while I'm already away.

Even when I escape to my 'office' space (which also serves as our guest bedroom), he finds a reason to pop in like ever 30-45 minutes with either something he 'has' to tell me that moment or 'just checking to see if you're almost done'....


So, in Buffalo, NY, the day after Thanksgiving, the weather is semi-reasonable enough for him and his buddies to go and play golf! It's windy enough that it may not be as much fun as he had hoped, but... he's gone for the morning! \o/

Hopefully, it's enough time to get some serious work on my SGA_Santa story done... it's in semi-decent shape, but well, John and Rodney haven't even met up yet! Meep!

Hope everyone had a good holiday/weekend!

{{hugs to all}}

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Happy writings! ^_^

Oppps... now it's raining; if they're not done golfing already, they are now... it's cold enough out that it's a nasty, cold rain...

Back to that writing!

I know exactly hat you mean I get my writing done when Gary goes to the Y to exercise and he'll be gone a week come Sunday and I'll be writing like crazy. Story is outlined and beginning and ending finished with multiple scenes done - just need to tie it all together. Good luck on your writing!
The problem is I get distracted by shiny things... ;-)

But that fic needs to be done this weekend... and Sunday is already shot with family things... ;-(

Good luck with your fic!

Good luck hon!
When you need some solitude and can't get it, that's very frustrating! Good luck with your writing. I hope your morning alone proved to be very productive. :D