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Title: Letters from Elizabeth: Letter to Radek
Author: goddess47
Rating: PG for the overall series
Warnings/Spoilers: Spoiler for beginning of season 4
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Summary: Elizabeth left letters behind for her friends
Note: Thanks to Fenchurch1 for the beta and encouragement and for the nickname variation!

Others in the series:
umm... read these first if you haven't...this stands alone but it's better as part of the series

Radek Zelenka heard the ding of the email and glanced up, curiously. He saw it was from Elizabeth and froze. Rodney had something to do with this, he was sure...... a trembling hand reached out to open the message....

Dearest Radek,

Yes, Rodney helped me.... please don't be mad at him, but I needed to do this.....

I know you will grieve for me, as I would grieve for you. My only hope is that whatever happened to me did not take you also. I hope to picture you working in your lab, arguing with Rodney, always being there.

Know that I love you always, no matter what happens.... Your love was an unexpected gift in the peril in which we lived and to be treasured forever. There is no way to express what I feel and how special you were to me....


Radek closed his eyes as the tears silently fell.....


Ah, her name in Czech . . .

Make Rodney see sense!
Ah! We'll have to see...... Thanks!
I love a little Radek/Liz with my McShep, yay!
Yay! Glad you liked it!
Hey - it looks like I got it right too! Yay Czech!

This is all so lovely and poignant and poor Radek... !

Thanks - and for you... ANYTHING!!

::sniffle:: Poor Radek..... and it came out so lovely, thanks for the help!
Aww, that was so sweet.
I just read all of these and I'm hooked! I really want to know what Rodney's reasons are, and wow these were just so good. I could hear Elizabeth saying all these words, and her letters to Carson and Radek were so poignant! Very well done!
So glad you liked them.... more coming!
Oh. You made me cry, but is good thing.

I can just imagine the terror Radek faced, wondering if this was some sick, cruel joke courtesy of Rodney. [And, even though Rodney can be insensitive, even he would not do such a thing!] I also like the subversive idea of Liz having been in a relationship with Radek.

Her name in Czech = love.

Thank you for a very heartwarming series (and don't we wish the PTB had thought of this for S4; I remember Tasha's holomessage to Data in Next Gen and how it was worked into canon that everyone was expected to record a final goodbye).

Snuffly hugs,
::passes you tissue::

Elizabeth and Radek are a lovely pairing..... They're good for each other in many ways....

Huh... forgot the Next Gen thing, or maybe it was rattling around in my subconscious somewhere.....

*tear* I think that letter has gotten to me the most. I loved how those two were so close as they were not really part of the "team"

These are awesome.

Now lets see Rodnet telling John XD
::shares box of tissues::

Thanks!! And Rodney will have his day soon!
Wow! Thanks. This is the bestest birthday present (ok, its only on Monday but I just got back from my bday party at some club) and it made me sniffle.
Happy Birthday then! Glad you liked it! Hoped that party was fun!
Poor Radek.
Sigh... I know. He gets overlooked sometimes.......
uh, yeah. make me cry why don't you...
*waaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiilllllllll* But in the good way. I've been quite cranky that I haven't seen something like this before, but, oh ... "Alžběta"