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Me? You want to know about me? Awww....

Since I have some new HP friends, thought it would be good to put out some info about me...

I mostly post fic here, although I do check DW, LJ and IJ regularly... I mostly us Insane Journal for HP fic and like to do the Advent challenge that's done there...

I do have to admit that Stargate Atlantis is my main fandom, so if you troll through my LJ and/or look me up on AO3 (same username), I have more SGA fic at this point... there's more fic on my LJ than on AO3 and I keep meaning to move my fic to AO3 but it just never gets done...

I'm primarily a slasher -- John/Rodney are my OTP for SGA and Harry/Severus for HP. I've dabbled in Teen Wolf, just a couple of fic, and there I'm primarily a Stiles/Derek shipper.

I've written other pairings in SGA but, hmmm... I think I've really only written Harry/Severus in HP...

I love happy endings, but I've written many different types of stories over time.

I work at a community college in the IT department as a day job... sometimes it's a night job, someone needs to manage those after hour problems and often it's me... so writing is a hobby that takes me away from the reality of my day job.

I'm old enough to be staring retirement in the eye. I'm hoping it blinks first, I'm not ready to give in to it. Married, 38 years last week (!) but no kids... just never happened.

I'll also be talking about Squee 'weekend' at some point. It's a gathering of fangirls (and fanboys are welcome!) in South Carolina, going to be in early October in 2016... it's a blast... we talk, eat, drink and write for up to a week... it's a haven for those of us in fandom who don't always have other fangirls to talk with... we're mostly SGA fans but that's what got us together; we read a lot of different fandoms and anyone is welcome... leave a note if you want more details!

I don't post a lot of RL things, but I'll make an effort for a while, so we can all get acquainted!

{{hugs to all my friends, new and old}}

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