goddess47 (goddess47) wrote,

Pimping for Squee Weekend!

If you're a relatively new friend, Squee weekend is a gathering of fangirls and fangents who have Stargate Atlantis as a first love. We love lots of other things, but we always come back to SGA.

It's a weekend (or closer to a week for some of us) of fun, food, talk, video watching, more talk, laughter and love...

If you're interested, here's a link to last year's info: http://neevebrody.livejournal.com/258498.html where there's info about hotels and other basics. (The dates are different, but the rest is consistent!) This year's Squee is the weekend of September 26-27 -- although some of us will be there much longer (it's never long enough!).

This is an adult weekend... (as if that will discourage some folk), since there's some fairly frank discussions of sex (oh, my!) and some imbibing of adult beverages. But if you're underage or have young 'uns that you'd have to bring, we should discuss that first...

If you're interested and have questions, either PM me or leave a comment here... we'd love to have new folk join us!

Whee! I can't wait!
Tags: pimping, squee 2015

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