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G is for Garbage, SG-1, G

G is for Garbage, by Goddess47 (G)

Summary: Another mission to another boring world.
Word count: 860
Characters: Jack O'Neill, Daniel Jackson, Samatha Carter, Teal'c
Era: Classic team
Categories: team, mission going right (!)
Author's notes: Thanks to [profile] sg_fignewton for running the 20th Alphabet Soup Fest! I'll post a link to the complete list when it's ready!

And there's more than one "G" word; that was fun!


"Why are we here again?" Jack asked plaintively.

"Rumors of source of great energy," Sam replied.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. We've heard that one before," Jack groused.

"You slept through the briefing again, didn't you?" Sam teased.

Link: G is for Garbage on AO3

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Tags: 2015, alphabet soup, sg-1

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