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WIP Meme

I've been tagged by selenic76 and sgamadison on the WIP meme... It goes like this: you go to page seven (or seventy-seven) of your WIP and select seven lines to post. Then you tag seven other people to play.

The snip is from page 7, but -- like many others -- it's more than 7 lines..

I started this for a Harry Potter fest but didn't get very far... I figured I'd save it for the next time around.


Since it was early for lunch, they had no problem finding a booth to sit in. They both ordered the Ploughman's Lunch, Severus ordering a pint of ale and Harry ordering a lemonade.

"I like butterbeer, but I haven't acquired a taste for Muggle beers," Harry admitted as the waitress walked away.

"It is an acquired taste," Severus admitted.

The silence that descended wasn't quite uncomfortable. Harry was looking around the pub, reading some of the menus on the wall.

"I'd bring Ron and Hermione here, but then I'd have to explain how I know it's here and..." Harry trailed off.

"That makes sense," Severus replied. "What are your friends doing now?"

Harry brightened. "Ron's working with George in the shop," Harry said. "He's good with the customers and that lets George work more behind the scene. Although George is making Ron learn about keeping accounts."

"Otherwise, he would give everything away," Severus observed dryly.

"Exactly!" Harry laughed.


I think everyone I know has been tagged... if you have a WIP, feel free to share it with us!
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Very nice :D
Too bad I'm not in this fandom, because this is an interesting snippet, and it makes me wonder what the situation is, how they ended up eating together, and what's going to happen. Well done, and thanks for sharing! ^_^

Very nice indeed--I want to know more! So many interesting hints here... :D