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2 A.M. (PG)

Title: 2 A.M.
Author: goddess47
Rating: PG
Warnings/Spoilers: Sap!
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Words: 100
Summary: It's squidgiepdx's birthday and I wrote you a drabble! Have a great birthday!

It was only in the dark of the night that John let himself relax. To the point that he could touch Rodney with more than just lust... although there was plenty of that. But sometimes... sometimes he needed, and wanted, more.

"Hey, you," John said softly. Rodney automatically leaned into him, molding their bodies together.

"You're supposed to be asleep," Rodney murmured.

"Just... " John ground to a halt.

"For an otherwise intelligent person, you're pretty stupid," Rodney grumbled. He wrapped himself around John, reaching out to grab John's hand and twined their fingers together.

Grounded in warmth, John slept.
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*happy sigh*

Sweet and sappy in a heartwarming way!
Isn't sap fun? Thanks!
Yes it is......are you up for a lunch meeting one weekend? Before all the icky white stuff impends our travels.

Well, Dec 15 is about the soonest I have... Long story that involves an elderly parent and caretaking... but I think I have the 15th 'off' at least for the morning so I can get on the road to meet you.

What's about 1/2 way to Buffalo from you?
It would see that Erie PA would be the halfway point......

Pencil in Dec 15 and we'll plan more as it gets closer.

I love Google maps: Exit 27 off I-90 is the Presque Isle Casino... they have a buffet where we can eat and probably stay for quite a while before they chase us out... anywhere else off I-90 is near shopping things and will be a zoo near Christmas...

Okay, you're on.....double down, LOL!

I just want to say that i am so absolutely in love with your icon, maybe just as much as with this cutest fic!

Me loves Icon love......and I like your heavenly one as well.....
Oh, how lovely and intimate.
Awww.... thanks!
Aw this is wonderful, so sweet and tender.
So glad you liked it!
Ohhh..... Just... ::happy sigh::

Thank you, sweetie!!! That was beautiful!!!!
You're *very* welcome...

Hope you had a good day!
awww.... just lovely!
They are so pretty to play with, aren't they?

My boys ♥ ♥!
They are so fun to play with!

It was the perfect thing to go to bed to!
Oh, this is lovely!
Awww... thanks!
So sweet :)
Love the way Rodney just 'knew' that All John needed was a hug. :)
Rodney learned how to speak 'Sheppard' a long time ago!


Awesome McShep cuddles, and I love that Rodney is providing John with a little comfort, reversing the standard roles. Loved it! :)
John rarely admits to needing anything, luckily Rodney's a genius!

That's very adorable!! <3
Hey! It's you :D You give great presents too! It's like they are little mirrors of each other. I suspect a hive mind at work *g*
It is very funny we both wrote drabbles about warm, sleepy boyz....

Great minds think alike, clearly. <3
:: big huge sappy ol' horse-grin ::

It's a good thing that Rodney is a genius, & that they love each other!

* happy sigh *
So sweet. :)