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Oct. 8th, 2016

Taking His Time, McKay/Sheppard, NC-17

Title: Taking His Time
Author: goddess47
Pairing: John/Rodney
Word Count: 580
Rating: Oh, so very NC-17
Challenge: For Blowtober and mcsheplets #238: Addiction
Warnings: It's porn, people...
Summary: John liked to take his time with Rodney
Disclaimer: Sigh. Not mine

Taking his time on AO3
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Oct. 6th, 2016

Reading the Fine Print, Harry/Severus (NC-17)

Title: Reading the Fine Print
Author: goddess47
Pairing: Severus Snape / Harry Potter
Word Count: 3 x 100
Rating: NC-17
Challenge: Snarry100 #545: The Fine Print
Warnings: smut (as if that's a problem!)
Disclaimer: JKR owns these chracters. No money is made from this.

Reading the Fine Print (on AO3)
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Sep. 16th, 2016

Fest prompts?

I have the SGA Secret Santa request page as a tab in my browser right now... it's been there for a couple of days.

I'm going to participate but I'm staring at the sign-up form and, for the life of me, can't really come up with any decent prompts... I can do the generic "fluff, happy ending, pining" thing but I keep wanting to do something even a hair more interesting...

What sorts of things do you prompt others for, especially for a kinda generic fest like SGA Secret Santa? When it's a holiday fest -- like Halloween -- it's (maybe?) easier to come up with something holiday related.

What sorts of things do you put into the 'not want' category?

For most fests, unless it's a dark theme, I always ask for "no major character death" and sometimes "no partner betrayal" but past that, the good news is that I'm pretty open to lots of things... folk who dislike mpreg, for example, put that into the list, but I think mpreg is fun to play with... so it's interesting to find that fine line.

Well, if nothing else, go and sign up yourself! http://sga-secretsanta.livejournal.com/15468.html -- maybe we'll end up writing for each other!

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Sep. 14th, 2016

Worlds Colliding

I love it when real life and fandom collide!

Well, only for me, but my fandom friends will understand.

As a required compliance training thing at work, we were all required to complete a short, online training session on harassment and gender equity. There's a business reason for the emphasis on the gender equity part but -- for anyone that works for even a faintly large company -- it was a typical training exercise... several screens of definitions and about "playing well together" but this particular session had an emphasis on dealing with gender fluid folk. It finished with a short series of very simple "is this harassment?" questions to see if you had been paying any attention at all.

As I'm going through this exercise, I'm remembering a Teen Wolf story I had read that was about a 'wolf who was male when he was in human form, female as a wolf -- and he had a boyfriend. (FWIW, it was a very well done story, particularly sensitive in dealing with the young man who struggled with his female instincts near the full moon).

But there I am, working through this very bland exercise that took the time to define -- more than once -- what "gender fluid" meant, and wondering how corporate folk would deal with someone like my young werewolf friend.

Maybe corporate america needs to hire more folk in fandom... just a thought!

PS: The story is part 2 of "Little Wild Animal" series on AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/series/309867

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Sep. 8th, 2016



Okay, I stole that...

But it's there as payment for this: http://clarkesworldmagazine.com/kritzer_01_15/ -- that will make more sense after you read it!

I had not seen that story before (it's short!)... it's too good not to share!

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Sep. 7th, 2016

I love staying up at night....

It's the dratted day job that I have to be awake for that's the problem... sigh... getting up in the morning after not enough sleep isn't fun!

So... toddling off to bed earlier than I'd kinda like but, honestly, I need the sleep!


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Sep. 6th, 2016


Through a series of minor... accidents? mishaps? poor planning? all of the above? I've become the local 'bookie' at work...

It's all at the friendly level... the football pool started years ago by a woman in another office who luckily moved it online before she retired. As she was looking around for someone to take it, one of my friends in another office took it on and I said I'd help her out. So my friend ran the pool and the secretary in the office handled the money.

Well, then my friend -- over-honest soul that she is -- was elected secretary (not treasurer, just secretary) of the local union and decided that she needed to step back from running the pool and would I take over... and the secretary in her office would continue to handle the money.

Well, in the middle of the season last year, the secretary went out on long term sick leave and rather than return, she decided to retire. Leaving me to run the entire thing.

Luckily, I have a minion in my office who has been helpful and has been good about helping to collect money and soliciting players.... I do love having minions!

Football starts Thursday... the good news is that the pool mostly runs itself and once we get started, I only need to dole out the money... we do try to keep it simple!

Life is always interesting!

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Sep. 5th, 2016

Fic I Need to Write...

While I keep a to-write list, I thought it might be useful to me to say out loud the fic I need write over the next bit... I didn't make the Sterek Big Bang cutoff and my HP Drizzle fic was really, really late... so there's enough to do in the Fall that I need to keep writing... some less reading will help that, I suspect! ;-)

Fests I've signed up for:

SGA - Conspiracy theory fest

HP Mini Fest

Secret Snarry Swap -- although it's not really a swap; you just pick from a prompt list and write a Snarry fic

SGA Reverse Bang -- good thing here is most of this will be into the new year

Yet to come:

HP Halloween - haven't seen this yet, but it will probably come up for air in late September -- and it's only 200 words

SGA Secret Santa -- not sure if it will run again but want to leave space for it... if anyone knows anything, that would be helpful

And there's always a multi-fandom Advent Fest (daily prompts) for December that I've done some of in the past...

Hmmm.... guess I have my work cut out for me...

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Sep. 4th, 2016

Pretty Feet!

Let's see if this works... I've finally given in that I should have more pics and while I know lots of theory, actually doing it is always the challenge.

And LJ was always picture friendlier than DW, so anything image-wise, I've generally done there. But since I'm trying to also cross-post, have to see what I can do!

Pretty feet!

This is the result of yesterday's free Saturday... I'm the once-a-year mani/pedi person, so yesterday was it. I got this lovely purple-ish color on the toes and did the sensible clear on my hands...

If I get anything but clear on my hands, I'm going to pick at it from the beginning and strip it off before I get to work on Tuesday because I never do it and I'm hyper-aware of it... ;-) The young lady who did my hands understood the "short and round" description (they frequently try to do things that I would never do and I'm cleaning it up the next day), so she cleared up my cuticles (I think that's TMI) and it's fun to have that for myself.

Off to a friend's house for a small picnic for the holiday weekend.

If you have any non-Atlantis Jack O'Neill fic you'd like me to rec on [profile] stargateficrec, feel free to leave me a note... I'm trolling AO3 for Jack O'Neill fic that might need some love, but I'll be glad to share any you think worthwhile!

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Sep. 3rd, 2016


Huh. I missed a day in September already.... oh, well.

I have an extremely rare Saturday to myself at the moment. The hubby and all of his golfing buddies are all retired, so they do the majority of their golfing during the week when I'm at work... when they used to go on weekends, they'd go at the crack of dawn -- "don't want to waste the day" -- and be back by 11 am when I'm still having coffee!

Luckily for me, one of their favorite places had a middle-of-the-day special that was too good to resist. With a 10:36 tee time, a busier (i.e. slower) course because of the special, and that they have slowed down themselves, I'm good until at least 3 pm!

I have a fairly people-heavy job and when I get home I frequently need some alone time. With the hubby being retired and I'm not, I usually only get that alone time later at night if he's gone off to bed before I'm ready. And by then I'm also sleepy and just want to relax.

So I have rare time today to post miscellaneous things before I run to the grocery store, maybe eke out a few words on stories I've got to work on and just enjoy the quiet of my house...

I know it's different for everyone... here's to whatever makes your day a good one!

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Sep. 1st, 2016

September posts

Welcome to September... I mean, how the heck is it even September already? It feels like it should be maybe June... le sigh.

The goal is to post daily through the month... I even typed in and deleted the word 'try' to make sure I don't give myself an automatic out before I even start.

For the first time, ever, I signed up for [profile] stargateficrec and I gave into the sad puppy eyes that begged for some SG-1 fic... I only committed to "Jack O'Neill" which means I have some pretty wide-open options there... I did fall in love with Jack O'Neill long before John Sheppard came along, so this will be going back to my roots. I'll have to see what I can find to rec... if you have any favorite SG-1 stories, do let me know so I can rec it.

Time to toddle off to bed... sat up reading too late last night and it's starting to catch up with me...

See you tomorrow!

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Aug. 11th, 2016

Bring Back the Porn!

Like most of you on my flist need any encouragement... ::grin::

Easy peasy.

Write porn (of any kind, length, type, fandom) and on September 1 post it someplace and post a link on the comm. (It's on Insane Journal...)

Come on... you know you want to!

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Jul. 18th, 2016

Fic for Me!!!

The lovely [personal profile] lomonaaeren has written a wonderful fic to a prompt I left her...

It's a Harry/Severus/Draco story named "The Privilege of Age"

Summary: It’s taken Lucius more than five years, but he supposes he can accept that Severus and Potter are the best ones for his son. Maybe.

Found on her LJ.

It's an interested story from Lucius' POV told in only 2100 words. Go and tell her how great it is!


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Jul. 17th, 2016

I love Bloom County!

You may or may not remember Berkeley Breathed's Bloom County... a satirical look at just about everything, with Opus the penguin (penguins!) as one of the main characters. Bloom County is now available on Facebook and worth following... there's a mix of old and new comics and it's always relevant.

Even if you don't know it, I'll bet the ladies on my flist have seen this comic somewhere before. (links open in a new window, so you can enjoy it!)

Today's counter offering with women in the primary roles

There's a theory that there's something other than coffee in those cups!


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Jun. 23rd, 2016


I have a bazillion things I should be doing... so I'm doing this instead!

Begin the next answer with the last letter of the previous answer.

01) Name: Mary Jane
02) Animal: Emu (of course!)
03) Girl's name: Ursula
04) Color: Aqua
05) Movie: A Dog's Breakfast
06) Something you wear: Trousers
07) Drink: Screwdriver
08) Food: Radish
09) Item in the bathroom: Hamper
10) Place: Rio
11) Reason to be late: Overslept

Tag! You're it!

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Jun. 22nd, 2016

Podfic of my story!

As part of the HP-Podfic Fest, the lovely [profile] stardutchess has read my Harry Potter story "Cold to What Might Have Been"

The podfic can be found here: http://hp-podfic-fest.livejournal.com/83521.html

The story is here: Cold To What Might Have Been

Go and tell her what a nice job she did!

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Jun. 14th, 2016

Head-canon versus Real-canon

I find it interesting that I've read (and written) enough fan fiction over the years to find what I think in my head and what is 'canon' are now two very separate things.

Couple of easy examples:

--it took me like 3 seasons of watching Teen Wolf to realize the show was supposed to be about *Scott* and not Derek and Stiles. To be fair, until Scott became an Alpha, that was not an obvious thing. But I should have realized that Tyler Posey getting the lead billing should have been a clue.

--Based on that, I've already figured out that Shadowhunters is also not based on Magnus/Alec as the primary leads and that, in the books, their relationship is secondary. ( ::sad sigh:: )

And then there's my thoughts on various folk in my fandoms:

--besides not really being set up well in the Harry Potter books, I'm more likely to think of Ginny Weasley as either evil / gold digger or just irrelevant. And pretty much the same for Molly.

--similarly, Dumbledore isn't necessarily a good guy; he didn't do what he should have for Harry, even in the books, and his motivations are always suspect.

--Elizabeth Weir was either incompetent or over her head; or both. She never should have been made head of the expedition. (Although I did like Woolsey in that role!)

And then there are pairings:

--I ship Harry/Severus, but I can also see Harry/Draco, Harry/Neville and Harry/Hermione.

--I ship Stiles/Derek, but I can see Stiles/Peter and Stiles/Lydia

--I have to admit to not knowing enough about Shadowhunters (yet) to have any other pairings besides Magnus/Alec, but Jace is pretty free-wheeling and Izzy is fun!

--OTOH, it's only ever John/Rodney ::grin::

How has fan fiction warped your view of your fandoms?

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Jun. 11th, 2016

Any TW fen out there?

I've started writing a fic for the Sterek Big Bang... meep! I've only written shorter TW fic so far, so this is a stretch. I'm signed up for only (!) 10K and I hope I don't have an epic story here...

I have a really broad outline of my story and I have like only 1500 words written... but I was wondering if anyone would be willing to take a look at the little I have and give me some general feedback. Not anything near a beta, it's nowhere near ready for that... but I want to bounce the story idea off someone and make sure I'm not making it too OOC.

It's an AU where the Hales are still wolves, but there's no fire and magic is forcing itself back into the world... I suspect that's why it feels OOC, Derek hasn't gone through the icky things he did in canon and, well, he's a good guy with his family around.

Leave a message here and I'll be glad to send you the bit I have...

Many thanks!

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Weekly Check In -- Summer plans!

ETA: I posted to my own journal and not IIO... ::headdesk::

Hey, InkingItOut-ers! How are you?

How has the week been for you? Have words happened? Editing? Anything starting with the letter "M"? ::grin::

I know we're not all in the Northern Hemisphere, but I am, so I'm asking about summer plans... what sorts of things -- if any -- do you do in the summer.

Those of us that have to pretend to be adults have this work thing that interferes a lot -- although I do enjoy having a roof over my head and regular meals -- but when the weather is good, what sorts of things do you enjoy?

I love when I can cook out on the grill every night... it means simpler meals (and fewer dishes!) and it's a fun thing to do.

Even if there are no words to report, come in, I'll pour you some ice tea or lemonade and we'll chat... tell me what you'd like me to throw on the grill for you!

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Jun. 7th, 2016

Bittersweet Endings...

If you're not familiar with Slash Report, scurry over to http://www.slashreport.com/wp/ and see what you've missed.

This was an irregular podcast, originally about 'slash' things but it expanded to anything about fandom... and a HUGE range of fandom from Stargate to Star Trek to Hannibal to Little House on the Prairie!

This was organized (using the term loosely) by Pru -- also known as Rageprufrock and MK -- also known as MKlutz.

For my SGA friends, Pru is the author of "Bell Curve, or Ladies Night at the Boom Boom Room" (here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/252893... where Rodney is a college professor and he thinks John is a really bad stripper but turns out to be his TA... a classic in early SGA fandom.

MK wrote in SGA but may be known among my TW friends for writing "Cupboard Love" (here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/507169/chapters/892584) where Stiles is a poor college student who makes money by cooking amazing meals for Derek.

They were funny, intelligent, sometimes had a little too much alcohol but always gave honest opinions about their subjects. I learned about Manga, Sailor Moon, K-Drama, and other fandoms I never would have paid attention to.

Well... all good things come to an end... after 5 years of podcasts, they are hanging up their mics and moving on to other projects. ::sniffle::

Some of their podcasts will be outdated... the Season 2 podcast on Teen Wolf will be seriously Jossed by now, but is probably still interesting... the SGA podcasts are pretty timeless, especially to the SGA fen on my flist...

You can download the podcasts from the site and listen to them when you have time. I recommend them highly!

Good luck to Pru and MK... I hope you're not leaving fandom behind... it will be a sadder place without you!

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Jun. 5th, 2016

Asking for more?

I'm not going to name names here, in case the folk involved are paranoid enough to google themselves (and a couple of them are)... and, if anyone involved is on my flist or reading this, this is a YMMV sort discussion.

There's a discussion on a FB group I belong to, where one of the folk is loudly bemoaning the fact that someone read their fic, and liked it enough to ask something along the lines of "I love the story! Are you going to write a sequel?"

There's a group of writers (fan and pro) who are prolific and well liked enough that I suspect this gets to be tedious... when you put out what is a relatively generous size fic and folk write "great! moar!" it can be exasperating...

But, well, that's like 2% of writers, who are that prolific -- and have that many fans. The rest of us churn out fic at reasonably decent rates and I think it's actually flattering when someone asks the same question... or occasionally asks the "gee, will there be more?" of a fic that I wrote like 5 years ago.

To react in a totally negative manner to the poor soul asking what they think is a flattering question is, in my opinion, a bit much... there is a group of folk that will stomp all over the commenter, who may not be familiar with the "never ask questions or beg for more" stance the writers may have adopted, taken from the person who started it.

The person who started this has set up hoops to get to the fic and is very clear about the "do not ask questions, do not ask for more" stance. I guess if you're taking that same stance, you should be clear about it -- on every fic. Set up moderation and delete comments that you feel are annoying. But if you aren't clear about this stance when you post, you can't complain about it.

I'm flattered if anyone asks and generally answer with a "if the muse strikes me, there may be more"... which I think is a relatively polite answer and, honestly, the truth. I have gone back to a few stories and written more in that vein... so, while it's unlikely, I think it's a reasonable, and polite, answer.

It's just a frustration of mine when folk who think they are being polite and encouraging get some pretty vicious responses... I know it's made me more cautious about leaving feed back...

Especially when I'm reading a WIP, I would comment on the fic, and then leave a "I'll wait (not so) patiently for more!" as a -- hopefully -- cheerful comment that, when you're ready, I'll read the next part... I find myself doing that less and less, just so I don't offend someone who doesn't want to be asked for more...

Le sigh.

[end rant]

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Jun. 3rd, 2016

As If We Need More to Read!

Reading fic always gets in the way of actually writing fic... I was tempted for like 30 seconds to sign up for the July Rough Trade (write 3 separate fic of 10K-ish words each in the month of July in 3 different fandoms that are crossovers with Sentinel fandom), then came to my senses...

The reality is I'm still working on 3 other fic that are due in early August and while I have substantive starts on 2 of them, they're all a long way from being in anything resembling decent shape! So I'm going to do a (hopefully) better job on those, rather than doing too many haphazard things.

But if you need new fic to read and are fans of Harlequin-type fic, then [community profile] unconventionalcourtship (I think only on Dreamwidth!) has started posting for the month of June... the idea is to write 1000+ words in any fandom based on any Harlequin plot you would like. It'll be fun to see what folk do... check it out. There's also an AO3 collection, but no guarantee all the fic will be cross posted there (although I suspect it's highly likely!)

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Jun. 2nd, 2016

On the Road

I'm sitting in my room in a lovely Bed and Breakfast... I'm attending a conference for work purposes, one that I go to every year.

Turns out I've 'won' essentially a tontine... I'm the last person who has attended all 25 years of this conference... the other two folk who were there last year didn't attend this year. The conference has evolved over time and it's interesting to be the 'old fart' and watch all the new (and younger) folk show off their shiny toys. Been there, done that... I'm now here to watch and enjoy.

The B&B was a lucky find. I was scoping out the location of the hotels relative to where the conference was being held on Google Maps and up popped a "Felician House Bed and Breakfast"... I grew up with Felician nuns (attended a Catholic grade school through Grade 8!) and in reading the web site, it's a renovated convent with rooms to rent. And, even better, the cost is actually slightly less than the hotel I was poking at.

It's kind of like staying with a friend of a friend. The room is very nice, the breakfast is pretty simple (home made baked goods, hard boiled eggs and coffee), and the quirks are quirky. I'd like a bigger dresser in the room, as an example. What's in the room is cute, but if there were 2 of us in this room, we'd be out of space in a heartbeat. But the inn keeper lives in the other part of the building and she's available when you need her... I'd stay here again!

So. Tomorrow is another 1/2 day of conference, then the drive home -- 5+ hours on a Friday afternoon will probably not be fun... time to get to sleep!

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May. 31st, 2016

Need a Christmas Present?

While it really is kinda for everyone, not everyone will appreciate this! But if you're on my flist, you're most likely going to be in the 'wowza' category like I am!

The 2017 Michael Stokes Veteran's Calendar is now available for ordering! Here: http://michaelstokes.net/collections/2017-veterans-calendar

The unsigned calendars are $25 each, but some unspecified amount goes to a veteran's charity. I'm happy enough with that... he is in the business to make a living and I don't begrudge that fact.

If you don't know Michael Stokes photography, he does yummy pic of yummy men (although he's also done some women) and a number are veterans who have suffered some kind of catastrophic injury... usually the loss of a limb (or two!) but he has a way of making everyone look beautiful... and if you like pretty men, just check out his web site... he also has a Facebook (although he grumbles about Facebook censoring him since most of the photos are... let's say... artsy!) where he posts pretty pictures on an irregular basis.

Evidently, last year's calendar sold out, so I ordered mine already and it's already shipped. The hubby will be surprised if it arrives before I get home from my conference on Friday.

But if you need a present for a special friend, check it out!

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May. 29th, 2016

A burst of cooking!

I'm going to a conference for a few days next week (Tuesday - Friday), and the hubby both hates to cook and has enough going on that he won't bother doing much... which would mean a lot of eggs and cold cereal (breakfast is something he does reasonably well).

So I take advantage of the air conditioning (needed on muggy 80+ degree days) and make both a large pot of chili and a cabbage roll casserole. That gives me dinners for tonight and tomorrow and leaves the hubby with food he will eat and are easy to re-heat.

Cabbage roll casserole is essentially a lazy man's version of cabbage rolls... leaves of cabbage wrapped around hamburger and rice, if you're not familiar... it's not hard but fussy. Getting the cabbage partially cooked so that the leaves are pliable but not so well done that the leaves are mush is a trick.

Searching through for some gluten free recipes at one point, I tripped across the cabbage roll casserole recipe (here: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/14690/cabbage-roll-casserole/) and have never looked back.

The recipe as is makes like a huge amount of food... it says "12 servings" and it really does do that... but it's one of those things that's better the next day... although it doesn't freeze (because of the cabbage) and you need to think about how many times you re-heat the entire dish... since the cabbage will essentially disintegrate after too much re-heating. As long as you only re-heat what you're going to eat, it'll make meals for several days!

Happy eating!

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